Nextv Afrique – Agenda – 23 March 2021

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Nextv Afrique - Agenda Day 1 - Tuesday 23 March 2021

09:35 - 10:15 GMT | 40 mins

Digital Migration process in Francophone African countries

The digital migration process in Francophone African countries has been a long-lasting and thorough transition, even in the most developed countries. Panellists will discuss the different ways to accelerate the transition from analog to digital in order to transform television experience in the African francophone countries.

Moderated by - Marie Beyer - Market Analyst - Dataxis

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10:40 - 11:25 GMT | 45 mins


  • What problems do FTA operators face while developing their OTT presence?
  • How to take advantage of existing DTH and DTT networks in the area to facilitate the development of multi screen services?
  • What are the prospective developments for the French-speaking African market and the new uses for television consumption?

Moderated by - Marie Beyer - Market Analyst - Dataxis

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11:25 - 11:45 GMT | 20 mins


Join us for this virtual, interactive coffee-break looking at “TV everywhere, for everyone”. We’ll be discussing the challenges and opportunities around TV broadcasting in Africa, with some concrete solutions for DTH and OTT convergence.

During the discussion we’ll cover the technical and financial challenges of TV broadcasting and look at turnkey solutions that enable you to offer your viewers a multi-screen viewing experience.

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11:55 - 12:40 GMT | 45 mins

Local production trends: what collaboration?

As demand for local content rises across Africa, most of the key players in the sector are going into local production. Yet, the industry is not evolving as rapidly as one would hope, producers, filmmakers and talents are there, but the funding is not. Collaboration with international players seems required to build a long-lasting African film industry.

Moderated by : Fréjus Quenum - Journalist- Deutsche Welle

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13:30 - 14:15 GMT | 45 mins


  • Importance of partnerships: how to take the lead and apply management strategies during this crisis?
  • How to develop sustainable cooperation projects; guided by a well-balanced partnership?
  • Economy and ecology – an ambiguous relationship?
  • Ecology and the pandemic: an openness to environmental values
  • Lessons to learn from the crisis!

Moderated by par : Christian Lusakueno - CEO - Top Congo FM

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14:30 - 14:45 GMT | 15 Mins

ONE ON ONE SESSION - Maximising TV, internet and video audiences: What solutions are available for African broadcasters? Sponsored by SES

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14:55 - 15:50 GMT | 55mins

TV and broadcasting evolution: Country focus Ivory Coast

The TV and broadcasting industry is evolving rapidly in Ivory Coast leading to the emergence of new players and services. The digital migration process is ongoing and private satellite television and platforms flooded the Ivorian market with their attractive offers. Speakers from this panel will give an overview of the country’s potential in terms of TV broadcasting.

Moderated by : Éric M'Boua - CEO - PRODZITIV

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16:05 - 16:50 GMT | 45 mins

TELECOMS: A new platform for audiovisual services

The consumption of audiovisual content is no longer solely on television but is also increasingly via the Internet. While internet access remains limited and expensive in most African countries, connectivity is gaining in accessibility and quality with the development of 4G, fibre networks and more affordable offerings. To support these investments, telecom operators are increasingly including content in their development strategy: payment methods, data-video bundle and customer loyalty. The African streaming sector is dominated by free international platforms like YouTube and Facebook, but the local market is starting to structure:


  • What roles do operators play in the deployment of audiovisual services in their markets?
  • What business models can be implemented to deliver an attractive online content offering?
  • What kind of partnerships can be developed to facilitate cooperation between operators, producers and distributors of local content?

Moderated par: Sylvain Beletre- Africa development - France Médias Monde

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17:05 - 17:45 GMT | 40 mins

Evolution and new development of public broadcasters in Francophone African countries

Public broadcasters play an important role in many African countries. However, many of them have to struggle to remain competitive and profitable in the face of the arrival of pay TV operators and OTT. Panellists will shed light on how public broadcasters can reinforce their position to face the rising competition from digital players.

Moderated by- Boris Bachorz - Africa director at AFP news agency